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Day by Day update of our Olympic experience

We will attempt to post a description and write-up of each days experience here.  Some days we may be late getting them posted if its a long day and we're too tired but we'll do our best.

You can find Olympic information at www.SaltLake2002.com.

You can see what events we are attending here: Our Schedule


Day by day update:

2/9-10/02 Travel to Salt Lake City from Omaha
2/11/02 Monday, Day 1, Men's Luge, Medal Ceremony
2/12/02 Tuesday, Day 2, Women's Cross Country, Men's Figure Skating
2/13/02 Wednesday, Day 3, Men's Downhill Combined
2/14/02 Thursday, Day 4, Women's Hockey, Men's Figure Skating
2/15/02 Friday, Day 5
2/16/02 Saturday, Day 6
2/17/02 Sunday, Day 7
2/18/02 Monday, Day 8