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Merry Christmas 2002 !

from the (now extended by 1.5) Hackett Family

As most of you know, we now have a daughter!  James and Cass are planning on their big wedding on June 21st, some of you might not know that they had a small official ceremony on November 15th so that their daughter Ariana Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann) will be born into their family.  We expect Ariana to arrive on March 31st.

They are also heading off to Colorado in July where James will be attending the Art Institute of Colorado (AIC).

(left to right) David, Joan, Chuck, Cass (with Ariana waving from under Cass's sweater) and the proud father-to-be James


Other Christmas Happenings

Below are some photos of what greeted us the other morning.  Not exactly 'Partridges in a pear tree'.  More like 'Turkeys in a crabapple tree'!

It looks VERY odd to see LARGE turkeys in our crabapple tree!

 The turkeys are eating the berries which are still on the tree at this time of year.


The turkeys do the rounds from house to house.  Here they have finished dining at our house and are headed past the garage to the neighbor's house.


Here are more of the flock that were in another section of the yard at the same time.  We counted at least 50 of them in one flock!