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Friday, Feb. 15th, Day 5

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Joan and Chuck on a bright sunny day at Park City.

Today we joined 16,000 people to watch men's and women's finals of the Snow Board Giant Slalom.

Panoramic view of the Snowboard Giant Slalom course.


This is a very fast paced event.  Two identical (as much as possible) slalom runs are side by side on the slope.  The top 16 men and top 16 women boarders are paired (man - man, woman - woman) as a result of the previous days qualifiers.  They race down the slope against each other.  The looser has a time penalty.  They change sides of the slope, and race down again.  The looser from the 1st race must try to make up the time penalty and pass the opponent in order to win the heat and go on to the next round.  The winner from the 1st run has to stay on their feet and get down the slope and not let the opponent make up the time difference.  This is easier said than done.

Would you believe that 2 women, team mates from Italy, came down the mountain matching each other turn for turn and ended in a tie!  The crowd was cheering wildly.  They both advanced to the next round.

The men and women use the same course.  So, all the women do a first run and then all the men do a 1st run.  Then all the women do a 2nd run and then the men do a 2nd run, and so on.  With this process, a medal winner must snow board this slope 8 times in about 2 hours.  An American man won a Bronze Medal.  It was really exciting to watch!

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The snowboarders raced on side by side courses. Winner across the line first ...  ... and is met by the video crew Look Mom, I did it, I did it!


After the event we decided to relax in Park City and let the crowds pass.  We were amazed that it was not more crowded.  We had time to eat lunch on the Park City Resort patio, enjoying the sun and view of the mountain.  Then we did some shopping.  As we headed to the bus pick up point, we passed a small ice rink in the center of town.  To our surprise, Paul Wiley, 1992 Olympic Figure Skating Silver Medallist, was skating.  Apparently it was for a corporate sponsor, but there he was with his wife, on the ice doing spins, jumps, etc.  He even had his wife put on some music so that he could do a complete short program.  What a great way to end our stay in Park City!

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Jump, ...  ... land ...  ... and jump again! Paul's wife skates too ...



David's Friends

This is a photo of a medical helicopter we saw today and we immediately thought of our oldest son David.  Several years ago our family went to Park City to ski.  On the last day of the trip a skier ran into David from behind and David was knocked unconscious for several minutes.  Within moments David was surrounded by a nurse, a doctor who had been skiing nearby and shortly thereafter, the ski patrol.  As a precaution Park City evacuates anyone who has been unconscious to Salt Lake Medical Center by helicopter.  Just before Jamie (David's brother) found us to tell us what happened Joan and I saw a helicopter departing the area and we were wondering what pour soul was onboard.  When we caught up with David at the medical center he was ok, just badly bruised.


Our sons David and Jamie may not recognize this scene at the base of the Park City ski area.  When we were there the "Payday" high-speed lift was there but the restaurant (where Jamie found us after David was taken away by helicopter) is now owned by Marriot who also built the condos (new since we were there) on the left behind the Payday lift.