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Our Olympic Schedule

so you know what events to watch and see us waving to the TV camera :-)

Date Time Event
Sunday, Feb 10th   Arrive in Salt Lake.  We are staying at a private house in a ďbed and breakfastĒ type set-up.
Monday, Feb 11th 9-12:30 Menís Luge Finals at Olympic Park
  7-10 Medals Ceremony in Salt Lake
Tuesday, Feb 12th 9-1:30 Men and Women Cross Country at Soldier Hollow.  We will drive to Heber City, take the 100-year old Heber Valley Steam Train to Soldier Hollow, and then take a horse-drawn sleigh for a hayride to the main venue gate.
  5:15-9:30 Menís Figure Skating at Salt Lake
Wednesday, Feb 13th 10-3:30 Menís combined downhill at Snow Basin
Thursday, Feb 14th 11-1:30 Womenís Ice Hockey at Peaks Ice Arena
  5:45-10 Menís Figure Skating
Friday, Feb 15th 10-12 Men and Women Giant Slalom Snow Boarding at Park City
  7-10 Medals Ceremony at Salt Lake
Saturday, Feb 16th 10-11:30 Menís Super G finals at Snow Basin
Sunday, Feb 17th 5:30- 9 Ice Dancing at Salt Lake
Monday, Feb 18th 12-1 Womenís Freestyle Aerials Finals at Deer Valley
  Afternoon Start return trip to Omaha
Tuesday, Feb 19th   Arrive in Omaha and Chuck flys back to Tampa to get ready for the Largo Live Steam Meet that runs the 21st through the 24th