January 2nd

Tour Day 4

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Back in Auckland today.  

Since many of us were still adjusting to the time change and new surroundings, some free time in Auckland was appreciated.  Joan, Elaine and Larry took the trip to Kelly Tarltons Underwater World.  The aquarium is underground near the bay.  The tanks used to be settling ponds for the Auckland sewage system.  They were scrubbed up, redesigned and became an interesting underwater world.  Penguins were a large part of the display as well as several large tanks with a moving sidewalk through the glass tunnel.  Since the tunnel is only about 8 feet high, you really get the feeling that you are surrounded by eels, rays, and sharks.  Fascinating.

Lunch was spent at the water front.  Joan and Elaine did some more window shopping and then decided to take a ride on the city Link Bus which took them on an hour long tour of the city.   Once again Larry and Chuck were in pursuit of a rare book store. 

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Dinner that night was at the Mai Thai restaurant.  Delicacies such as wild boar were enjoyed.

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On our walk back from dinner we stopped to watch a reverse bungee ride which was located next to our hotel (one of its support towers is on the left in this photo of the Sky Tower) .  The ride shot people 75-100 feet in the air while they were seat belted in a chair attached to two bungee cords for a mere $35 per person.  

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