December 29th


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Today was a rainy day, so we just relaxed in our room doing email and writing postcards. On our search for lunch we found an interesting little restaurant called "Brucie's" where we enjoyed some American food (hot dogs and hamburgers) along with interesting conversation with Bruce himself (behind the counter in the photo). 

Chuck and Larry went hunting for a "rare book store" while Elaine and Joan went back to the room to nap.  Larry said that he and Elaine had seen a book store earlier that looked like it would have some interesting books.  After asking for directions several times, Larry and I finally found a bookstore (not the one in question). It had a small collection of technical books. In a short time we were informed that the store was closing.  We got directions to another bookstore but we weren't there five minutes when we were informed that this store too was closing. We gave up.  We found out later that, during the holiday season stores have shortened hours.  When we were back in Auckland a week later we again located two book stores specializing in "Rare and Hard To Find Books". We only found a couple of technical books (on steam, mechanics, etc.).  At one store we asked if they had any technical books and she pointed to a stack of used computer books - not exactly what we were looking for ...

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In the evening, after an initial 'get acquainted' meeting of everyone in the tour some of us adjourned to an Irish Pub that was located near the hotel.

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... and what's a visit to an Irish Pub without partaking in a glass of Guinness !!

After enjoying the pub we retired to our rooms to prepare for an early bus departure in the morning ...


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