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The name "WhiteTrout.net" comes from the fact that our home is on White Trout Lake in Tampa, Florida.  The property was previously owned by my grandparents, Jim and Betsy Hackett who purchased the property in 1949.  As kids, we spent many a fun filled summers visiting them.  My wife and I purchased the property from them in 1988 and we hope our grandchildren and theirs to follow will be able to enjoy it as much as we did.

We host the following sites here:

www.WhiteTrout.net/davidh Personal web site of David & Leslie Hackett
www.WhiteTrout.net/Lake Web site for homeowners living on White Trout Lake.
www.WhiteTrout.net/Chuck Personal web site of Chuck Hackett
www.WhiteTrout.net/ccrr Web site for Camp Creek Railroaders (CCRR).  CCRR is a club located in the Omaha/Lincoln Nebraska area dedicated to the promotion of Live Steam railroading on 7.5" gauge track.  Please visit their site for more information.
www.WhiteTrout.net/Ariana Personal web site of our granddaughter Ariana Hackett
www.WhiteTrout.net/nz Chuck & Joan's trip to New Zealand (Dec. 25, 2003 thru Feb. 7, 2004)


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